Wednesday, September 2, 2009

6 Questions for Couch Time

Last night, by the time I finally saw my husband, it was 9:30 PM. We try to spend 15 minutes every night talking and really listening, but we were both exhausted. I forced him to answer three questions and ask me three questions, and we were laughing within minutes. One couple we interviewed told us to have uninterrupted Couch Time every single night, to stay connected even through the busy days.

Here are six questions to choose from if you only have a few minutes to spend with your spouse. Skip the typical, "How was your day?" Most people have an automatic response to that one. It's like when you go shopping and the clerk asks, "May I help you?" We almost always respond, "No, I'm just looking." Even if we actually need help, we don't ask because we are so conditioned to say we are just looking.

1. MAD, SAD, GLAD - What made you mad today? What made you sad? What made you glad?

2. BORING - What was the most boring part of your day?

3. GROUNDHOG DAY - If you had to repeat this day, what would you do differently?

4. LEARNING - What do you think God is trying to teach you lately?

5. RATING - Rate your day from 1 to 10. Explain.

6. PRAYER - How can I pray for you tomorrow?

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