Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts That Save the World

In preparation for Sunday School, Clay and I have been re-reading The On-Purpose Person. It always encourages me to utilize every minute, every decision, and every opportunity to do something purposeful.

Well, Mother's Day is coming up and I hate to waste money on some random trinket my Mom won't even use. So, I thought, "How can I be purposeful with this money?" And of course, God answered my question immediately.

I was reading Erica's blog where she mentioned that she was buying her Mom a necklace that was made from recycled magazines that benefited orphans in Uganda. How much more purposeful can you get? It is perfect for four reasons:

- It helps others.
- It helps the environment.
- Mom will love it.
- It's a great price.

Check out the Ugandan Magazine Beads.

Here are four other Mother's Day Gifts that meet those four purposes:

1. TOMS Shoes - For every pair of TOMS Shoes purchased, the company gives one pair to someone in an underdeveloped country. By purchasing these durable, super-cute kicks for your Mom, you will give another pair to someone in need.
2. Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate - Purchasing anything under the Fair Trade Label ensures that you are supporting small farms and encouraging good practices among trading partners.
3. Sponsor a Woman on Kiva - Microlending is hot! You can donate as much or as little as you'd like to help someone in an underdeveloped country purchase materials to start a business. Your Mom can even choose who she wants to sponsor. And the great part... It's a loan, so you will be paid back!
4. Clocks Made from Recycled Materials - These little clocks are hysterical. They will be a conversational piece for your Mom, and environmentally friendly for everyone else.

Do you recommend any other purposeful gifts?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Design Giveaway

If you had to rank the rooms in your house in order from BEST to WORST, what would that list look like? Is it just me or does everyone have rooms they love, rooms they are proud of, rooms that scream, "Hey, look at me! I'am a designer!" Then, you also have rooms that remind you that your house is a work in progress.

Here is my Room Ranking:

1. Living Room - Thanks to Kellye who made the window treatments.
2. Dining Room - Thanks to my grandmother who had no space in her new house for the dining room table.
3. Master Bedroom - I love to sleep!
4. Office - It's not perfect, but any room full of books will make me smile.
5. Pool Table Room - The pool table was given to us when my parents downsized. Did we buy ANYTHING in our house?
6. Man Cave - Cool TV.
7. Guest Bedroom #1 - A hodgepodge of unrelated, unmatching randomness
8. Guest Bedroom #2 - It's almost completely empty (I obviously don't take good care of my guests).
9. All the bathrooms - The fixtures are from the '90's, but look like they are from the '80's.
10. Kitchen - It needs so much work... I don't know where to begin.

Luckily, my friend Erica, a great designer and humanitarian, is giving away a free room design on her blog. If you have a room that is in need of love, or a kitchen with brass fixtures (I have this, too), or a guest bedroom full of boxes (I used to have this), go ahead and win her giveaway!

If not, then help me win. Post a comment on her blog and let them know that I sent you.

Here is the link:
What is your favorite room in your house? Least favorite room?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Cup

Just now, I was quickly checking my e-mail for the tenth time today, expecting to see Pottery Barn Spam, Facebook Mafia War Requests, and maybe an e-mail from Clay about dinner.

Instead, I found two e-mails from dear friends telling me that they are praying for Clay and me... for our family, for our adoption, and even for our marriage as we wait. I felt tears well up in my eyes, not out of sadness, but out of the most unbelievable peace my heart could ever know.

Last night, I had a similar experience. I got home at 10:20 PM, and before I could raid the fridge for leftover lasagna, I saw a card on the counter. It was from Clay's sister. She wrote, "I want you to know that we are praying for you guys everyday, that we stand boldy before God's throne on behalf of your future family."
I just stood in the kitchen and wondered how my life could possibly be so blessed.

Baby or no baby, I have never felt more abundance.

As if that wasn't enough, Clay and I were having a discussion about THE BABY THING and about all the people who have encouraged us, when out of nowhere, he said, "I just want to make sure you know that you are enough. If we never have a baby, you are all the family I need."

Yes, I cried.

Like the Psalmist wrote, "My cup runneth over." That is also a quote from Hope Floats, and sadly, I remembered it as a quote from the movie and had to look up the Bible verse. Oh well. It's Psalm 23:5, if you were wondering.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

11 Ways to Escape the Pollen

I can’t do it. I just can’t stay inside when the weather is so gorgeous, but according to Atlanta Allergy, the pollen count was over 5,495 today (before the rain). Normal is 120, by the way. So, if you are looking for a way to have fun inside, try one of the following activities:

1. Watch the 8,000 policemen guard Tiger Woods at the Masters this weekend.
2. Listen to sports radio talking about Tiger.
3. Send e-mails to your friends about why Tiger will not win the Masters.
4. Plan a weekend with your friends to watch the Masters.
5. Complain about the media coverage of Tiger and Elin.
6. Send texts about obscure golfers to prove your expertise.
7. Stalk golf blogs and leave anonymous comments about Tiger.
8. Observe a moment of silence in front of your Masters flag that is hanging in the basement.
9. Remind your wife to wash and iron your Masters t-shirt.
10. Ignore your wife when she talks about anything other than the Masters.
11. Act shocked when you read your wife’s blog about your obsession with the Masters.

I’m not bitter, though.