Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tech Gadgets Are Hotter than Purses

I have camera envy. Clay and I spent the weekend at a beautiful house in Harbor Island, South Carolina, and my camera could never capture it. I wanted to remember the beach, boats, and bike riding, but not as a fuzzy mess.

It was useless for me to point and click my little handheld toward the kids because by the time my flash woke up from his nap, the kids had turned away. Two seconds is an eternity for a one-year old.

So, Lou Lou told me exactly what camera to buy. I made a list of the accessories that will make my life complete, and now it's time to save... and convince Clay to join the effort.

A few years ago, I passed a billboard in Atlanta that read, "You look hot in that phone." It was an advertisement for the Razor, the top-selling phone at that time. Motorola struck a cord with buyers beacuse they realize that technology is not what it used to be: geeky. Technology today allows us to connect, express, and experience the world around us.

Does that sound like a good argument? Hopefully Clay will go for it. Here are a few other techno needs on my list:

1. 15" MacBook Pro - 250 GB Hard Drive, 4 GB RAM, all the Apple Programs

2. Apple Final Cut Studio - Moviemaker and Pinnacle are not cutting it anymore.

3. Nikon D90 - Any Nikon D-Series Camera

4. Ipod Voice Recorder - To record my singing in the car

5. Kindle Subscriptions - Love my Kindle. I subscribe to the USA Today and New Yorker, but would love to have the AJC and Wall Street Journal come straight to it too.

My total is up to $4,500, so I'd better stop. If anyone has ideas about where to find good deals on these gadgets, I am open to anything. If you would like to offer me a part-time job to fund my technology addiction, I'm open to that, too!

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  1. Christmas is a good time to find deals on cameras. That is when I got my camera last year. Also consider buying the previous year's model. Unless, of course, there is some major change in the product from year to year. Since we are not professional photographers, the older version will still do everything we need it to do (and more) and you can save a little money.