Thursday, September 10, 2009

Favorite Kiddie Sayings

Since I started teaching younger students, Clay and I have developed a new pasttime. It's called, "Tell me what the kids said today." I hear something fall-down funny every single day and below are a few of our favorites:

Pre-K: "I wiggled the mouse, but my computer won't wake up. Should I yell at it?"

Kindergarten: (Whispering) "Mrs. Osburne, someone stole a key off this thing. There is no 'U'. I've looked everywhere."

First Grade: After they saw a picture of the Mona Lisa, one student asked, "Mrs. Osburne, did you make that in Paint?"

Second Grade: "I wish I had an Undo button for a lotta things."
Third Grade: "My Mom got a new Blackberry and she doesn't even know how to use. So, I have to show her."

Fourth Grade: "Can we play Power Point?"

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  1. These quotes made me laugh so hard! I love the innocence that children bring to our lives! I used to think when I was teaching that there should be a book just of these wonderful, crazy, sincere, and hilarious statements that kiddos say! It would make us laugh even on the hardest days! Thanks for sharing!