Monday, September 14, 2009

A Different Dream

“But our God turned the curse into a blessing.” Nehemiah 8:10

Who would have thought a book about chronically ill children would minister to me during this period of my life? I met the author, Jolene Philo, at a writer’s conference and was immediately attracted to her enthusiasm for life.

I was surprised to learn that she was writing a book about dealing with her son’s life-threatening birth defect. Her joy was birthed through difficulty.

Before leaving Colorado, I told her that I wanted to read her book. So, last week I had the privilege of reading A Different Dream for My Child, published by Discovery House. Honestly, I was checking it out because a dear friend has just found out that her baby has Downs Syndrome. I wanted to give my friend a copy of Jolene's book.

But I think God wanted me to read this book. For four years, Clay and I have been searching for God’s will for our family. We are in the process of adopting a little girl from China, but that will probably take three more years. So, what should we do while we wait? If I've heard one story about someone getting pregnant while they wait for an adopted child, I've heard a million of them. And deep down, I have found most of my comfort from the idea that this will certainly happen to me.

But truthfully, there is no verse in the Bible that promises me a baby.

Jolene came to the same realization about a healthy baby. In the first paragraph of her book, she recounts a typical conversation she had when she was pregnant:

“Do you want a girl or a boy?”

“I don’t care so long as the baby is healthy.”

Jolene writes, “I was convinced God would honor my selfless desire since my husband, Hiram, and I were model parents-to-be.”

Jolene and I had the same misconception and we have been learning the same principles, but through different avenues. Below are eight things God can teach us when we are given the opportunity to dream a different dream:

1. God’s grace really is sufficient.
2. The Holy Spirit prays for us when we don’t even know what to ask God.
3. Waiting for God’s will is an important part of our spiritual growth.
4. The Lord draws near to the brokenhearted.
5. God is more interested in turning me to Him than granting me the American dream.
6. Pain is a beautiful part of life.
7. Every good and perfect blessing is from the Lord.
8. I am thankful that my life is not in my control.

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