Friday, August 28, 2009

9 Reasons to Join Him

Clay and I proudly attended Auburn University, and we loved Game Day as students. We tailgated, dressed in orange, and cheered for the team every Saturday in the Fall. I guess I just thought that would change after we graduated.

But I didn't realize Clay's devotion to Auburn football until it was too late. I was already legally bound to him for life when I discovered that all his plans in the Fall revolve around the Auburn schedule. He is shocked when people plan weddings during a game. He checks the blogs and Web sites for inside information. He watches all the pre-game stuff and of course, the post-game analysis. There's more, but you get the point. He loves it.

I went through a few stages of dealing with his behavior.

1. Denial - "Oh, he's not that bad. This is a big game."
2. Shock - "Who have I married?"
3. Resistance - "He will just have to change."
4. Rage - "I refuse to miss my Dad's birthday party because Auburn is playing Louisiana Tech!"
5. Acceptance - "War Eagle. What time does the game start?"

Whatever stage you are in right now, I urge you to just go ahead and accept it. Join him. Buy a cute game day outfit and make some spinach dip. Plop down on the couch or load up the car. Game day is on its way!

9 Reasons to Join Your Husband in His Love for the Team:

1. It's more strategic to save your complaining for something important, like negotiating a higher clothing budget.

2. Chilli dogs at the games are delicious.

3. Game day outfits can be cute, if you use a little creativity.

4. Tailgating rocks!

5. Other guys think you are a cool wife.
6. Five hours with your spouse is always a treat, even if it involves yelling at the referees, kicking the television, crying, pouting, and shouting. At least you are together.

7. Commercials on ESPN are hilarious.

8. Falling asleep during the game is perfectly acceptable.

9. Where else can two minutes last thirty minutes? The end of a game is like the Twilight Zone where time stands still. You should experience that phenomenon for yourself.


  1. I love the fall and we too plan our fall around that other college football team in Alabama. I concur with everything on your list!

  2. This is very true!! Although I am as bad as the guys! Everyone knows that Dean was a "surprise" because he was born in the fall - I would never intentionally give birth during football season! Go Dawgs - almost here!!