Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Husband-Pleasing Recipes in 15 Minutes or Less

Clay just walked into the kitchen and watched me make Puppy Chow, aka Chex Muddy Buddies, and he was disappointed.

"I thought those took a long time to make," he laughed. "I'm not impressed anymore."

Oh well, he was impressed for ten years. The jig is up on that one, but I have plenty of treats I can whip up in a couple of minutes that make him so happy. I might sound like June Cleaver to even post something like this, but I am the opposite of her. I've never pretended to be a chef, or even a cook, but I do like to make Clay feel special.

Here are ten recipes men love, and women love to make:
1. Rice Krispie Treats - It's not rocket science, but who cares? They are easy, delicious, and quick. Throw in some sprinkles or chocolate chips and any man will be impressed.
2. No-Bake Cool Whip Pies - If you can make Jell-O, you can make these pies. Pick up some Cool Whip and a Graham Cracker Crust and you're set.
3. Homemade Salsa - The only difficult thing about this recipe is getting out the food processor. There are a million recipes like this one, but all involve diced tomatoes, lime, and cilantro. How can you go wrong?
4. Salad with Fruit and Poppyseed Dressing - Something about mixing fruit with a salad makes men thing you are very savy in the kitchen. Add almonds or pecans and they will nominate you for an appearance on a cooking show.
5. Wedge Salad - Cut some lettuce in half and drizzle ranch or blue cheese dressing on top. You're a genius!
6. Banana Split - I think this one reminds him of time with his grandparents, but it's fun for everyone. If you can find good bowls, it cuter.
7. Banana Bread - With the leftover bananas, make banana bread. It's so easy and makes the house smell like 1957.
8. Fondue - You know you got a set of fondue pots (or five) when you got married. Put those babies to good use.
9. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries - The only time involved here is letting the strawberries completely dry. Other than that, it's a five-minute process.
10. Real Cocoa - Check out the recipe on the back of the cocoa. It involves milk, so beware. Apparently cocoa is not made with water, mix and tiny freeze-dried marshmallows.

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  1. Sweet treats! I think no one will be able to resist any of these. Number 4 sounds really delicious. I think any husband will really appreciate these, or anything prepared with love for that matter.