Sunday, August 16, 2009

Superwife When Husband is out of Town

Why do I get so much done when Clay is out of town? I even cleaned out my junk drawer, as you can see from the BEFORE and AFTER pics.

I can't figure it out.

It's not like I have to take care of Clay (that much). He doesn't really distract me. It seems like I would get the exact amount done when he is in the house... especially on Sunday. Clay generally naps and watches golf, football, or baseball on Sunday. He stays completely out of my hair.

These are my guesses:

1. When I see him sleeping on the couch, I want to join him. I can't resist a cuddle opportunity.

2. I can't "putter" when he is here. Puttering is a word I learned from Alexandra Stoddard, and it means to wander around just doing little things in no particular order. I like to do this in fuzzy socks so that I can slide across the kitchen floor all day.

3. I feel obligated to eat something other than cereal for dinner when Clay is home.

4. I can't vacuum at the EXACT time I want to because I might wake him.

5. Clay forces me to talk to him, thus eating up my productive day.

6. If Clay pets Shelby, I feel obligated to pet her, too... so that we can have family time.

7. If he is looking for something, I alwatys help him. I'm so sweet.

8. If he finds a movie on TNT, like The Notebook, I feel compelled to watch it for the 48th time, even if we have it on DVD.


  1. Your blog is great! It is perfect for the list maker in all of us! This post is hilarious and so true! My house is just so quiet when Robert is not around...that I feel compelled to do something! PLUS, I just love it when he comes back and notices how productive I was!

  2. number 1 is just so sweet! you may get more work done but I bet you're a lot happier when he's around? did he notice the difference? :D