Monday, March 30, 2009

9 Takeaways from the Marriage Conference

Thanks to Dan and Susan Evans, along with a great team of volunteers at ELFBC and Lifeway, I was tremendously blessed by The Great Marriage Experience this weekend. Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg challenged Clay and me to a deeper, more purposeful marriage. The following thoughts have been simmering in my mind since this weekend:

1. It is impossible to be the mate I am meant to be whenI have a hard heart toward my husband. A list of marital do's and don'ts cannot will not be sufficient. We need a soft heart that loves out of grace, not out of duty.

2. It is critical that I support my husband and encourage him, especially during stressful times at work.

3. Children should see their parents ask one another for forgiveness. If they witness good conflict resolution skills, they will know how to "close the loop" on their own disagreements.

4. Remember, at all times, that the relationship trumps the issue. Dr. Rosberg even left an NCAA Final Four Game one time because his wife was more important to him!

5. Try praying over your spouse's side of the bed. Start at the pillow and pray for his/her mind. Then, move to the heart, the hands and feet.

6. Wash your spouse's feet. Ask them to forgive you for all the times you did not support them completely. Resolve to love and serve your mate with all your heart, soul and mind.

7. Anger is a secondary emotion. If you are angry with your spouse, dig deeper and you might find that you are actually hurt.

8. Spiritual intimacy is closely related to sexual intimacy.

9. Marriage is either growing deeper and richer or stagnating and decaying. We should take time regularly to assess the direction of our marriage.

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