Sunday, March 15, 2009

10 Reasons My Bracket Always Beats My Husband's

Every year, my husband and I create NCAA brackets and we bet dinner and a massage on our ability to predict the best college basketball teams in the nation. Since Clay watches ESPN almost as often as he checks his phone for scores, you would think he'd win easily. But I almost always win! And below, you will find 11 reasons why:

1. I don't believe the announcers when they predict an upset (actually, I don't even hear them because they are not on Bravo, Lifetime or E!).
2. The color of a team's uniform is as good a reason as any to choose one team over another.
3. I have no loyalties to any team because I don't know any of them.
4. I have no pride to drag me down.
5. I make my pick and never look back. In fact, I don't think about the bracket for more than 2 minutes).
6. I am not influenced by pointless issues like strategy, match-ups or injuries.
7. If a team name sounds weird (like Akron or Stephen F. Austin) I don't pick them.
8. I don't hate any coaches, teams, conferences or players.
9. My choices are mainly based on feelings and tinglings in my spine (generally very accurate)
10. I have no idea why I win, but it is so fun to see him shake his head and roll his eyes when I do!

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  1. You are ridiculous! I had no idea you had a blog! This is hilarious!