Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 Reasons to Dance with Your Wife

What is the common denominator between Fred Astaire, Justin Timberlake and Bill Cosby? All three share a love of music and dance that cause women to swoon with every tap, twirl and thrust. Clay and I took Swing Dance Lessons at an ASEDA Event last night and I felt like an adoring fan as he swung me around the dance floor. What is it about dancing that drives women crazy?

1. Dancing reminds women of the carefree days of youth, hopping down the sidewalk with their buddies or dancing on their dad's feet in the living room.

2. All a woman really wants is the undivided attention of her loved one. Dancing requires the eye contact and face-to-face connection that she dreams about.

3. The fairy tale of being swept off your feet can actually come true on the dance floor.

4. Dancing makes a woman feel like you two are in sync, connected and tuned in to one another.

5. Happy days often include dancing - include wedding day, prom night, and great dates. Every time you dance with your wife, she remembers other wonderful moments.

6. When a man dances, he has to be strong AND sensative. Your wife falls in love with you all over again on the dance floor.

7. Finally, and most is impossible to watch ESPN while dancing.

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