Monday, July 6, 2009

Playing Together

Clay and I only dated for nine month before we got engaged. I think part of the reason we fell in love so quickly was because we both had so much fun playing together. We played softball, basketball, flag football, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and more.

Even after nine years of marriage, we still love to play! We play Wii Sports and real sports. We run together, play tennis together and even compete in the Alphabet Game in the car.

When we moved to Lake Dow, I just knew that Clay and I would play golf together. I started going to the driving range and I played a few times. I still want to learn, but for now, I just enjoy riding in the cart.

Here are a few ways you and your spouse can play together, even if you don't share the same sporting interests:

1. Take up a new hobby together. When Clay and I moved to Marietta, neither of us had played tennis competatively. We had a blast learning together (until we lost a few matches and then we had to come up with a new set of marital rules).

2. Find a few board games that you can play with other couples. I recommend: Scene It, Taboo, Outburst, and Cranium.

3. Consider buying a Wii as an investment for everyone in the family.

4. Go to the gym together. That way, you can both run on the treadmill at your own pace.

5. Walk and hike up little mountains together. I miss our hikes at Kennesaw Mountain!

6. Train for a 5K, 10K or some other event as a couple. Even if you are running at different paces, you will most certainly bond through the experience of preparing for the big day.

7. Join a co-ed team at your local church or YMCA.

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  1. Anson and I play cards together a lot. Our favorite is double solitare. Wish we could get on a coed softball team again :)