Thursday, July 2, 2009

6 Reasons I am Ready to Beat Clay in Tennis

Most of you know that I hate to lose. So, why do I continue to play my husband in tennis? Because sooner or later, I am going to win one. It didn't happen this week, though.

Clay and I are down in Orlando, celebrating our nine-year anniversary, so we have had plenty of time to hold hands and give kisses. Yesterday, we hung out at Discovery Cove, my new favorite place in the world, but after a day of swimming with the dolphins and overeating, we were both ready for some exercise.

We made a bet that whoever won the tennis match would get a massage. And yes, after two hours of tennis, I owed him a massage. It was humiliating. But after 24 hours of feeling sorry for myself, I am cheering up. I feel pretty confident that the next time we play, I will OWN HIM. This is why:

1. New Court: Although he has beaten me on concrete and clay, next time, we are playing on a grass court. That will throw him off completely.
2. New Shoes: My birthday is July 21st, so I am planning to buy some new tennis shoes that will give me the extra bounce I need.
3. Wimbledon Lessons: I have been carefully watching Roger Federer and I think I have gleened a few lessons that will keep Clay guessing.
4. Mom - My Mom has always told me that I can do anything and I believe her!
5. Tiger's Concentration - I recently read John Andrisani's book, Think Like Tiger, and even though he plays golf, he has adequately prepared me for the mental challenge of winning.
6. Strategy - I have a new secret strategy that I cannot share on the blog... even though Clay never reads it. I can't be too careful.


  1. Micah likes the picture of Clay in his goggles. :) Pretty funny. ~Heidi

  2. I'm rooting for you, Emily! You can do it. I look forward to hearing of your victory. ;-)