Friday, May 1, 2009

6 Indicators that You are On the Same Team

Every Friday morning, Clay and I play basketball with some friends. Well, the guys play and I run up and down the court and they let me shoot now and then. Usually, Clay and I are on opposite teams and I have to guard him (since Clay is the dork who brings his wife to play, they force him to guard me).

This morning was different because we played on the same team, and I have decided that it's a better that way. I would rather be excited when my husband grabs a rebound or hits a three-pointer. I like running in the same direction that he is running rather than trying to get in his way, stop him, foul him or steal the ball from him (yeah right).

The game this morning was so much more enjoyable since we were working together toward the same goal. I would like to think that Clay and I are always on the same team, but below are six ways to check my actions and make sure. You know that you and your spouse are playing like teammates when:

1. You cheer for his/her success even if it means more work for you.

2. You pick up the slack and work harder when your teammate is having an off-day, or even an off-season.

3. There is an unwritten understanding that the team is more important than the individual glory of a single team member.

4. If a team member is hurt, he still shows up for practice to support the others.

5. Everyone understands their role on the team.

6. Success and failure are met together. Your teammate's success is your success. Your teammate's failure is yours as well. Blame is useless on a team. You work together to fill the gaps.


  1. Love it! Every now and then, I need to be reminded we ARE on the same team.

    Thanks for your comment this morning; I KNEW someone would be able to relate!

  2. So are you happy for Clay when dribbles behind his back and whips a no look "pass" into the locker room, 15 feet from his closest team mate?

  3. I am laughing out loud, honestly. Ted, you need to blog. I would read your thoughts every single day.

  4. Emily, you are hilarious and I love your blog! Ted, I agree, you should write this stuff down!
    Love y'all!

  5. This is so funny (funny ironic, not funny haha...well, ok, maybe funny haha too)! I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary and my blog post to my husband (Letter to my Husband on Our Anniversary) was using the same team analogy. What is even funnier, what he wrote to me was also comparing love to a team mentality (Too Good Not To Share). Loved reading several of your posts. Found you by way of Marybeth Whalen's blog.