Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lord, Change Me

Do you believe that prayer is strong enough to hold a marriage together?

I don't.

Actually, the RIGHT kind of prayer will bind you together and the WRONG kind will tear you apart.

After four years of interviewing couples, publishing my first book, and now, writing my second book, this little bit of knowledge has been the most transformational for me. Chapter 3 of my new book, Cloud 9 Club, is titled, "Lord Change Me," and it describes an attitude that great couples display.

In a nutshell, happy couples are more likely to pray, "Lord, change me," while unhappy couples tend to pray, "Lord, change my spouse."

Although I am obviously not a professional movie director, I enjoyed making this little clip to illustrate how often we pray for the other person to change. Doreen even says, "Lord, I know you are going to make him into the man I need him to be." Isn't that what we want God to do?

7 Prayers Clay has probably prayed for me (to no avail)...

1. Lord, please help Emily to remember to turn off the lights in the house.

2. And while you are in a reminding mood, encourage her to charge her cell phone now and then.

3. Father, give her a heart for the Atlanta Braves... and the Hawks... and the Falcons.

4. Heavenly Father, give Emily the will to clean the shower at least once a month. If not, just place a hedge of protection around the entire bathroom.

5. Lord, could you miraculously turn her Christmas cookies into my Mother's cookies?

6. Father, you know all things, so you know how to get Emily ready for church on time, for once.

7. But mostly Lord, I just thank you for my wife. As the music group, ALABAMA, so eloquently said, "She's close enough to perfect for me." (I'm sure Clay prays that).

If your spouse were praying for you, what would he/she pray for?


  1. Hey, Emily. My mom and I have both been enjoying reading your blog. It was fun to catch up on your life since Auburn. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. This is awesome. I think I'm going to Facebook it. :-) Praying you are doing well, my friend!