Tuesday, December 22, 2009

8 Questions for the Ride to Grandma's House

Over the river and through the... snow, to Grandmother's house we go!

If you are braving the highways this holiday season, don't forget to bring extra money for a hotel (just in case) and bring some interesting conversation starters since you are bound to be delayed by the BLIZZARD sweeping across the United States.

8 Conversation Starters

1. What is the real reason you broke up with me in college? He is trapped in the car. He has nowhere to run or hide. Ask him the question he usually avoids. Be careful, though. This could backfire. Your questions will likely be turned around and asked of you, so be ready with an answer.

2. If you could change one thing about my personality, what would it be?
After a night with friends, Clay answered this question for me. He said he wishes I would not be so competitive when playing board games with company. I doubt I'll change, though.

3. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
The answer to this question can reveal hidden truths about your sweetie!

4. Would you rather...
More than a question, this is a game that can last for hours. Start with simple choices like, "Would you rather eat at Chick Fil-A or Zaxby's?" Both people must answer and must choose. Answers like, "both" or "neither" are forbidden. After a few minutes of food choices, move to more difficult questions like, "Would you rather live in Paris or London?" Be sure to explain why. Finally, end with gross questions like, "Would you rather swim in a pool of snakes or eat grasshoppers?"

5. Tell me something about yourself that I don't already know.
After nine years of marriage, Clay and I can always find a way to answer this question. Last week, I told Clay that when I clean the house, I feel guilty if I am not also listening to a book on my iPOD. I feel like I'm wasting time to only do one thing at a time. He was intrigued.

6. If you could relive our wedding day, what would you change?
You might be surprised by your spouse's answer to this one. After attending what seems like hundreds of weddings, we have seen tons of cool things that we did not even think to incorporate into our wedding (like the potatoes in martini glasses).

7. Who have you lost contact with that you'd like to talk to again?
Always interesting.

8. What is God teaching you lately?
This is a great question to ask once every month. It's also good to share what you are learning because maybe God wants to your spouse to learn through you.

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