Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Beauty of Teaching

I could list one hundred reasons why I love teaching, but today I am reminded of at least twelve. Today is the last day of school, and as I walked through the halls of Strong Rock, I saw teachers smiling, students laughing, and parents taking pictures. It was a great celebration! Around 11:30, one of my favorite students ran into the room and threw his arms around me. "You are my favorite teacher," he said. I can live for a whole year on that compliment.

After six years as an educator, these are my top twelve reasons to teach:

1. Where else do you hear the words, "I love you" so often?

2. If you have a bad day, someone might draw you a picture of your dog, and even though the dog looks like an angry dragon, it's a masterpiece.

3. Six year olds explain new features of my laptop.

4. Starbucks Giftcards, oh yeah!

5. If I get a new haircut, everyone notices. They might say, "You look beautiful," or "You look weird today, Mrs. Osburne," but at least they notice.

6. Fall Break

7. Winter Break

8. Spring Break

9. Summer, of course!

10. It is surreal to hear a second grader repeat your words.

11. I love working with adults who spend extra time, money, prayers, and effort to see a child succeed.

12. It's a privilege to be a small part of the plan God has for each child in your classroom.

If you have ever taught, what did you love about it? What do you remember about your teachers?


  1. I taught for six & a half years before staying home with my son. I would add that teaching is NEVER boring! Every day brings something new. Also, that kids are real and they keep you grounded, usually by telling you like it is (like the "what did you do to your hair?! comment I've also received).

  2. YOU are a blessing to Strong Rock, and I am so blessed by you all the time! Thanks for this post!
    PS...My favorite thing this year would have to be the love each of them gave! Oh...and my team and how we rarely separated! :)

  3. I taught elementary computer for 3 years and I loved watching my students progress throughout the year. It was exciting to see a 4th grader go from typing 10 wpm with one finger to sometimes 30 wpm using proper form. I wasn't even typing at all until high school. To see their excitement when they "painted" a beautiful snow scene. Then of course was the laughter and spirit of those sweet babies. And now of course, to keep in touch with those "babies" as they are entering middle school and some high school. Oh yeah, you can't beat being called a favorite teacher ;)

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